Women organizations and individual feminists in activity " Women in Black Action for Women's Lives - Not One More"

Photo: Women organizations and individual feminists in activity “Women in Black Action for Women’s Lives – Not One More”.

On July 10th, women’s organizations conducted nationwide simultaneous actions to denounce femicide in Nicaragua, demanding ‘Not One More’. New Haven/Leon Sister City Project, in conjunction with women’s organizations and individual women feminists, helped organize the activity ‘Women in Black’. This was a performance representing the 34 femicides to date in 2015, denouncing that in 60% of the cases the aggressors had some family ties to the victims, that the home remains the most unsafe place for women. We demanded that the state’s 779 Law be enforced without reform as it was approved in 2012. That day we denounced the lack of institutional support available when victims seek access to justice. This is a problem because of the collusion, inefficiency, and prevalence of a patriarchal thought, and the influence peddling which benefits the aggressors. Even with the serious situation of violence in which we live, we recognize the courage and determination that many women are showing when they put in their complaints or seek help to leave violent situations and manage to save their own lives. We call women to continue to denounce violence in all its forms, and demand the law enforcement Law 779.