Students Abigail, Claudia, teacher Sonia Matute and student Mayrelis

Photo: from left to right – students Abigail, Claudia, teacher Sonia Matute and student Mayrelis.

Lead teacher Sonia Matute has worked in various rural communities and she came to the community of Goyena in 2005. Since then she has supported education in the community becoming a leader in the fight for quality education in the Miguel Larreynga school. Sonia says that a good strategy is to provide more and better support to children through the afterschool program. This has been successful for young people who have attended this program and now dream of a college education… like Abigail, Claudia and Mayrelis who are currently enrolled in the secondary school.They all live in the community of Goyena and are graduates of the Afterschool project.