The Environmental Youth Brigade engages teens in learning about environmental and public health challenges and working on community improvement projects.

The project combines a commitment to building an environmentally sustainable future in Goyena, new efforts to address difficult public health/environmental problems, and investments in youth as future leaders.


    • Youth learn about the environment and public health through research and exploration focused on specific community challenges.
    • Brigade members facilitates community education on environmental issues and creating sustainable practices.
    • Build capacity of community leadership (both youth and adult) to analyze development/ project options and make choices, specifically in relation public health and environment.
    • Implement pilot projects related to sustainable development and food security.

The Environmental Youth Brigade offers small stipends to students who commit to work with the Brigade 10 hours per week. The stipends are used to pay for school expenses, which help lessen the pressure to leave school to seek work.

Projects have included:

      • Environmental/science education in the Afterschool Program and Preschool.
      • Trash burning education related to health impacts and trash disposal options.
      • Creating household gardens.
      • Clean Cook Stove outreach and education.
      • Water quality research and research of possible improvements.