The Climate Change Program is a response to the urgent crisis created by increasing greenhouse gas emissions to human well-being in Nicaragua and New Haven. This project educates the public and elected leaders about specific threats climate change presents to food security, local ecosystems and economic stability, and advocates for policies and actions that cut carbon emissions and improve local public health. The Propgram includes work with the New Haven Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge and the New Haven Climate Movement and other efforts.

Healthy City / Healthy Climate Challenge:

Organized by NHLSCP, the Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge (HCC) invites organizations to use their relationships with their staff, boards, and members to take specific steps to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 20% and improve public health. The HCC Pledge invites residents to use cars less, reduce meat consumption, switch to clean electric, support advocacy efforts, and increase recycling.

The New Haven Climate Movement:

The New Haven Climate Movement organizes public actions (like the 12 Days of Xmas in 2015), is working towards updating the New Haven climate action plan with the City, and advocates for strong greenhouse gas emission reductions at the State level. Members include representatives of CT Fund for Environment, Fossil Free Yale, Yale Climate Action Network, The Climate Mobilization and others.

The Climate Arts Collective:

Uses social marketing and public art to promote awareness of the threat of climate change and encourage action. The Collective is a group of volunteer artists and others working to create new projects to engage the public. The creation of public art is an important vehicle to encourage people — many of whom are discouraged or un-informed — to take concrete action that promotes sustainability and health. In 2015 the group created the Planetary Boundaries banner project involving 10 different local organizations, on-line videos calling people to action, and constructed a 60ft fossil fuel parade dragon used ongoing in local and state-wide climate marches.

NHLSCP is also active with goNewHavengo, which brings together organizations and individuals to promote greater use of alternative transportation options.