The Nicaragua Carbon Offset Fund collects carbon offsets/donations from the US to support the clean stove project in Goyena, Nicaragua.

The Nicaragua Carbon Offset Fund (NCOF) invites people to donate offsets for their air and car travel carbon emissions. While cutting present greenhouse gas emissions is the best step, offsetting can be a good short term option for reducing emissions created elsewhere.

Offset funds donated here (or by check to NHLSCP/NCOF) will support the installation of cleaner efficient cook stoves to families in rural Goyena. The new stoves reduce greenhouse gases, decrease pollution responsible for respiratory disease, and reduce funds and time people need to spend buying or collecting fuel.

NCOF Steps

  1. Track your air/car usage.
  2. Periodically calculate (but don’t donate) offset in USD online using carbon calculator…. HERE …..
  3. Donate offset amount calculated … HERE… (put NCOF in ‘Designation’ line), or write check to NHLSCP with NCOF on memo line. NCOF donations are tax deductible.

Ongoing Results

  • Report on stove pilot project here.
  • Stove Project Article here.

To learn more about climate change and other ways to make a difference go to our Climate Change page.