NHLSCP has always paid attention to outside forces harming Nicaraguan families, from US support of the Contras in the 80’s, to neoliberal trade policies, to Hurricane Mitch. Now climate change is having increasing impacts in rural families.  But the main solutions aren’t in Nicaragua but here in the US.

So over the past nine years we have helped create different New Haven area efforts to address climate.  The first step is being honest about the threat, and to us, the extreme weather, extinctions, forest fires, sea level rise, and possible runaway feedback loops are all signs that this is an emergency.  So we – and our partners at the New Haven Climate Movement – work with The Climate Mobilization, and organization calling for bold solutions (mobilization) that meets the scale of the problem.

Recently,  a proposed Green New Deal has generated a lot of energy and support across the US. The GND calls for moving to a clean energy/carbon neutral country as fast as possible to limit the damage of climate disruption.  It’s definitely worth supporting.

Any change in climate and weather patterns harms impoverished communities who have few resources to respond to the more extreme storms and intense droughts/heat waves (imagine Nicaragua even hotter!).  So we are very anxious what the future will bring and are working hard to address carbon emissions here and improve well being and climate resiliency in Nicaragua.