Amir Machado

Amir entered the Afterschool Program in 2009 in first grade. Everyday he attended with great enthusiasm and discipline, and was one of the best students in both the Afterschool Program and in the formal school. His friends describe him as very active, dynamic, enthusiastic, funny and above all very friendly. Previously, Amir’s family lived in Posoltega but with Hurricane Mitch in 1998, they lost everything including some family members. They moved to Goyena where an organization donated a house for them.

This year Amir completed his primary school studies as an outstanding student. Amir looks forward now to studying in high school, to going college, and in the future to be a professional so he can help his family and his community. With the Afterschool Program we intend to support many children like Amir so they can fulfill their dreams for a better future. The Program also educates parents of these children about the importance of education as a human right, that all can work towards improving their community, and that education is a source of liberation.