Photo: Yaranesi Perez, 22 years old, young community leader, Afterschool Program teacher.

Studying at a university is already very difficult for any young person, especially for those with limited resources. Just applying to the public university in the city of León (UNAN) makes you compete with students from all over the country. But for Yaranesi Pérez this has not been her only struggle. She is also a school Afterschool teacher; a community collaborator/leaders; and a young activist willing to help her neighbors and friends as much as she can. All the efforts made by this young leader are for the sake of her community because she wants to improve it.

Yaranesi aims to be an agent of change. One of her primary goals is to be a teacher at the formal school in her community. This year Yaranesi will graduate – after five years – with a degree in Natural Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Yaranesi studies in “sabatina” mode, which means she wakes up very early Saturday to be able to do her chores at home, and then takes the bus that leaves his community at 4:00 am to be able to arrive punctually at classes to the city of León at 7:00 am.

She, like many other young women in the community of Goyena, was awarded scholarships by NHLSCP and is achieving her goals. This success makes for better economic and social conditions for their families, as well as sets an example for the rest of the young people in the community. Already many young people from the community who are in high school admire Yaranesi, and have expressed “If she can, so can we”. At the New Haven-León SCP we hope to continue to support the goals of many young people through the scholarship program, so that more young people like Yaranesi become examples of perseverance, discipline and leadership for their friends and family.